Monday, July 25, 2016

pub asks Muslim to remove “Islam” hoodie, hate crime investigation begins

As jihad attacks on innocent civilians in Western countries are now a near-daily occurrence, this story about an “Islamophobic hate crime” in Britain is particularly obscene. A Muslim is asked to remove his “Islam” hoodie, and now those who made the request are under investigation by a ham-fisted and authoritarian British government that refuses to stop and consider the question of why, exactly, the hoodie made pub patrons uncomfortable in the first place: because of jihad terrorism, not “racism” or “bigotry.”
This story also shows the reality behind “hate crime” statistics trumpeted in the US by the likes of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and in the UK by the discredited but nevertheless still powerful Tell Mama UK: this incident will almost certainly go into Tell Mama’s statistics, and will thus help create the impression that Muslims in the UK are routinely brutalized and discriminated against. That the reality was as innocuous as this will be obscured by the wide dissemination of the bald statistic that Muslims in the UK were the “victims of x number of hate crimes,” without explaining that most of them were nothing more than a few shouted insults (in which case I am the victim of multiple hate crimes) and, in this case, a polite request made by people rendered jittery about Islam by nothing more or less than the violent actions and declarations of imminent conquest made by Muslims themselves.
Nurul Islam could have acknowledged those jitters as understandable, removed the hoodie, and gone about his business. Instead, he is now international news — which also demonstrates that the mainstream media is so avid to report “Islamophobic hate crimes” but has so little substantial to go on that it is reduced to lamenting about the dreaded hoodie removal of hate.
Remember also that this is the BBC, which is so solicitous of Muslims that it removed the Munich shooter’s Muslim name from its reporting on that incident. That’s the reality, not “Islamophobia.”
Islam hoodie
“Stevenage teacher asked to remove ‘Islam’ hoodie by pub,” BBC, July 20, 2016:
A teacher was asked to remove his hoodie because it had the word “Islam” on the back – which is his surname – and was upsetting pub customers.
Nurul Islam, 32, was wearing his school sweatshirt, which all have surnames on, outside the Coach and Horses in Newgate Street, near Hertford, on Friday.
A member of staff said it was upsetting people after the Nice attack, he said.
A police hate crime officer is investigating what happened. The pub would not comment.
The technology teacher was waiting for a group of pupils from The Thomas Alleyne Academy, in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, who were on a Duke of Edinburgh assignment.
“A staff member came outside and asked if I could I take off my jumper because it was making some customers feel uncomfortable ‘after what happened last night’,” Mr Islam said.
“I didn’t know quite what to say, and at first I didn’t link what he’d said with the lorry attack in France, but when it sank in I was shocked.”
‘Islamophobia and bigotry’
He went back to his car, leaving another teacher to wait for the pupils.
“I was being discriminated against because of my surname so I was left really upset after the incident.
“We all have surnames on the backs of our hoodies, which is the responsible thing to do.”
Mr Islam added: “I’m not a practising Muslim but I am a Muslim.
“It makes me feel terrible that my name is the cause of such contention when all it means is peace.
“If I had the word ‘peace’ on there, would he still have asked me to leave?”
Miqdaad Versi, the assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “It’s shocking and very worrying to see this growth in Islamophobia and bigotry.
“We need to really move beyond this, and the problem that we’re facing is this type of attitude seems to be getting more prevalent in society and more socially acceptable.”
Hertfordshire Police said: “A specialist hate crime officer is investigating to establish whether offences have been committed.”

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