Monday, September 12, 2016

Yorkshire Ripper converts to Islam to get protection, favorable treatment in prison

Peter Sutcliffe
“Yorkshire Ripper turns to Islam: Muslim inmates to protect Sutcliffe behind bars,” by Jimmy McCloskey, Daily Star, September 4, 2016:
THE Yorkshire Ripper is set to become a Muslim after hardline Islamists offered to protect him in prison.
Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe has already had death threats since he moved to HMP Frankland.
And now Muslim gang members have offered to take him under their wing – but only if he converts to Islam.
They told the 70-year-old monster that changing faith will also allow him access to a special diet.
In addition, he will get more time out of his cell and the right to refuse certain types of prison work.
Sources informed the Daily Star Sunday that Sutcliffe has faced daily threats to his life since arriving at the Durham jail.
Inmates have also verbally abused and spat at him.
Frankland Prison is regarded as one of the toughest in Britain.
It is home to serial killers and some of the country’s most violent offenders.
Four years ago, child rapist Mitchell Harrison, 23, was disembowelled by two lags inside the jail.
Prisoners have told Sutcliffe the same fate awaits him.
It is understood he was approached by a member of an Asian gang while being escorted back to his cell.
One Muslim inmate told Sutcliffe he was a marked man in prison and would be dead within a month unless he had friends to protect him.
It is understood that the gang has arranged for Sutcliffe to have a meeting with a prison imam – a Muslim cleric – in the next few weeks.
The same gang also befriended serial killer Levi Bellfield, 48, who converted to Islam while doing time in another jail….

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