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Turkish pensioner, 67, 'went on vicious stabbing spree outside Sainsbury's supermarket and injured four women at random to get his revenge on police'

  • Ethem Orhon went on a stabbing rampage outside the store in Hampton
  • He'd been released just 90 minutes before having spent night in police cell
  • Mother-of-two Janet Morsy, 62, was stabbed 12 times with a four-inch knife
  • Orhon doesn't dispute committing stabbings but denies attempted murder
Turkish pensioner stabbed four women in a Sainsbury's car park just 90 minutes after he was released by police, a court heard. 

Ethem Orhon went on the rampage outside the store in Hampton, south west London, after he was arrested the day before for alleged drugs possession and carrying a knife, jurors heard.

The 'deranged' 67-year-old, who was described as being 6ft 3in, carried out the attacks just 90 minutes after police released him the following morning, it is alleged.

Four women, aged between 53 and 71, were injured in the attack at the Sainsbury's store
Four women, aged between 53 and 71, were injured in the attack at the Sainsbury's store

Mother-of-two Janet Morsy, 62, was left fighting for her life in hospital after she was stabbed a dozen times with a four-inch blade, Kingston Crown Court heard.

Suzanna Brand, 53, Jean Sullivan, 68, and Charandasi Chandiramani, 71, were also seriously injured.

Orhon, who lives in Hampton, Middlesex, does not dispute the stabbings but denies two counts of attempted murder, and two counts of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm. 

Jonathan Polnay, prosecuting, said Orhon 'regretted' his actions but was not in 'control' at the time. 

He said: 'This case is about a vicious stabbing spree, committed by this defendant, Ethem Aydin Orhon, against four entirely innocent members of the public.


Dramatic CCTV footage of Orhon allegedly attacking two of the women with a knife was shown to jurors today.
He is seen first chasing a schoolboy before turning his attention to Jean Sullivan and stabbing her in the back as she tried to flee.
After that, Orhon is allegedly seen running around the carpark before finding his next victim, Janet Morsy.
He appears to grab her with his left hand before plunging a knife into her body.
Miraculously, Ms Sullivan, unaware she has been stabbed in the back, climbs into her car and reverses out.
It is only when she has driven halfway round the carpark that she realises she has been stabbed, stops and seeks help.
Members of the public are then seen helping her before police arrive just minutes later. 
'By stabbing innocent women, doing their shopping in Sainsbury's, the defendant aimed to get his revenge on police, for what he perceived as mistreatment of him.'

All four women were stabbed in or near the Tangle Park car park by Hampton Sainsbury's on May 20.

Holding up a knife with a 4in blade, Mr Polnay told the jury that Orhon 'plunged this knife at least 20 times into four innocent members of the public who had been doing their shopping'.

The court heard how two schoolboys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, distracted the defendant and called 999. 

Horrified onlookers, including the schoolchildren, other shoppers and passers-by, saw the attack. 

Mr Polnay said: 'You will also hear about the true bravery of two schoolboys from Hampton Grammar school.

'They distracted the defendant, warned others that he was armed and dangerous, called police, and remained on the phone with the 999 operator the entire time.

'They had decided as long as the defendant was concentrating on them then he would not be hurting anyone else.

'It was a calculated risk the boys took having realised that they were obviously much faster than him.

'Without their help it may be more people would have been attacked.'

Detailing the attacks, Mr Polnay said: 'Suzanna Brand was on her way to meet her mother in Sainsbury's as she always does at 10.30am on a Friday.

'The defendant came up behind her, Miss Brand didn't even have a chance to defend herself. He stabbed her twelve times.

'All she was able to do was kick out at the defendant when she was on the ground.'

Mr Polnay told jurors Miss Brand, who has learning difficulties, was stabbed in her back, side, arm and leg, and suffered two collapsed lungs and a laceration to the liver.


Charandasi Chandiramani, who described Orhon as 'deranged', told the court of her ordeal. She said: 'I was about to check when the next bus was coming over when suddenly I heard a terrible scream.
'It seemed to very prolonged. I saw a woman on the ground and a man standing next to her. This woman was on the ground and he was still hurting her.
'I did not know he had a knife, I thought he was punching or hitting her. He looked up and made eye contact with me.
'I ran away, I was terrified, he came running towards me. I had a bag with me but in fear and terror I left it at the bus stop. I knew I was in danger so ran across the car park. I ran as fast as I could. He came after me and he stabbed me twice in the back.
'I ran to the car park where I knew there would be more activity and I'd be safer.'
Ms Chandiramani told jurors she had seen a car driving away in the car park and then flagged it down.
She said: 'I asked a woman for help. By this point I felt wetness in my back and knew I had been stabbed.'
Ms Chandiramani had described Orhon as looking 'deranged and on a mission' in her police statement.
Miss Sullivan was carrying her shopping to her car when she heard a woman's voice screaming 'don't stab me'.

The prosecutor said: 'She located this "hysterical woman" and parked her car and got out.
'On exiting her car she felt a pain in the right side of her back, she reached around and felt her back with her right hand.

'On inspection she could see that she had blood on her hand.'

Miss Sullivan was taken by ambulance to St George's Hospital, south London, where she was found to have been stabbed in the right side of the back of her lower chest, with injuries to her chest wall muscle, her right lung and her liver.

Mr Polnay told the court the third victim, Ms Morsey, was attacked while walking to the bus stop.
She said Orhon towered over her and was about 6ft 3in: 'I zapped [locked] the car, walked away and then I heard what sounded like a woman shouting "there's a man with a knife".

'About this time this man appeared in front of me. 'It was held outwards so I could see what was coming. It looked dirty. I looked at him and he looked at me and I could see what was happening.

'I said "please don't hurt me, please don't do it please". He seemed to do it with intent, he didn't hesitate.

'He started to lurch towards me, I was now paralysed to the spot.

 He swung his arm back to get a good swing, I put my arm up and he stabbed me in the ribcage.

'I started screaming.'

Mr Polnay said she was attacked with a four inch long 'dirty knife'. Ms Morsy was admitted to intensive care as the stab wound had severed a vein and blood was draining into her chest.

Orhon was then arrested by police. He was wearing the same clothes from the day before and carrying a rucksack containing Turkish identification materials, a UK passport, 1,075 euros and £307.87 in cash, the jury was told.

The court heard Orhon had been arrested the day before the attack on suspicion of drugs possession in Kensington
The court heard Orhon had been arrested the day before the attack on suspicion of drugs possession in Kensington


The boy described watching the 71-year-old Charandasi Chandiramani banging on a car door, asking the driver for help before being spotted by Orhon.
He said: 'He was following her. But then he sees us, forgets about her, and we're not sure about this guy. 'We didn't feel too unsafe just yet. He comes across the road towards us.
'We thought, "this is just wrong". He is still walking, and we just thought he was a bit wrong in the head. He didn't look right. He looked bat-s*** f****** insane.
'Maybe he was off his meds or something.'
The boy said as the man approached he revealed the knife in his right hand.
'As he came towards us he was almost calm, but his eyes were just wrong,' he said.
'He was making stabbing motions at us. I stumbled again. I'm not thinking clearly. At this point, he starts to come after me.
'He didn't have a specific target. He was just going after anyone he could get near to. The way he was moving was unbelievably scary.'
Mr Polnay said Orhon came to the UK from Turkey in 1989, and had lived in a council property for 14 years, a home that was only minutes away from the supermarket.

The court heard Orhon had been arrested the day before the attack on suspicion of drugs possession in Kensington.

He was also found with a 'Leatherman' knife but bailed the next morning to attend court at a later date.

The court heard Orhon later said in a police interview that he had felt 'mentally tortured' by police, adding: 'I went home and got my other Leatherman. I shouldn't have done it. I feel bad. It was a loss of control. I felt humiliated.'

Describing the attack on Ms Chandiramani, the prosecutor said: 'The defendant ran towards her at speed. She felt two hits to her low back. She was running for her life.'

Mr Polnay added: 'On his arrival home he picked up his spare Leatherman and went straight back out.'

Police later searched Orhon's home and found a guide to the London Underground with the words 'murder at green lights' written in pen, a newspaper cutting about a terrorist attack and brochures advertising Leatherman knives. 

Mr Polnay told jurors Orhon does not dispute the stabbings.

He added: 'He said he regretted it now but was not under his own control.

'The only issue that you will have to determine is what he intended when he stabbed each of those four women.

'Quite why, or what thinking process led him to do what he did, we may never know.'

The trial continues.  

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