Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Greggs pervert jailed for stroking girl, 8, in bakery shop which sparked man hunt

Adnan Maqsood
Adnan Maqsood has been jailed after he assaulted an eight-year-old girl
Adnan Maqsood, 34, attacked her by stroking her hands, face and body as she sat at a table waiting for her mother to be served. 
The youngster told police he touched the front of her body like he was “bathing” her or “rubbing cream” on her.
Maqsood was initially hunted on suspicion of sexual assault but was cleared of that by a jury at Leeds Crown Court. 
He admitted a lesser offence of common assault. Police launched a manhunt for Maqsood after the attack at about 3.30pm on February 12 in Leeds city centre. 
He denied there was anything sexual behind what he had done and said he was just being friendly as he was a “talkative person”. 
He admitted in hindsight what he had done was wrong. Kate Batty, for Maqsood, said her client was suffering from mental health problems. 
Adnan Maqsood
Kate Batty claimed Maqsood was suffering from mental health problems
Judge Penelope Belcher said: “It is an offence that will affect her. It will affect her treatment of strangers in the future and her trust in people.” 
It is an offence that will affect her
Judge Penelope Belcher
The court heard he is already serving a 15-month sentence for stalking a 69-year-old woman for two years. 
Maqsood, from Bradford, West Yorks, had become “infatuated” with the woman. 
Detective Inspector Steve Greenbank, of Leeds Police, said: “Maqsood wrongly thought he could get away with assaulting an eight-year-old girl in a very public place while her mother was momentarily distracted.”
He thanked the public for their help in catching Maqsood after an appeal. 
He added: “We hope the victim and her family will take some comfort from knowing that he has now had to face the consequences of his actions. 
“We also hope his conviction will act as a deterrent to others and give victims of similar offences the confidence to come forward.”

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