Sunday, January 22, 2017

Manchester United soccer team appoints counter-terrorism chief

Given lone wolf jihad attacks across Europe, repeated calls for more from the Islamic State, and ongoing warnings of more to come, Manchester United has made a move that will likely serve as an  example for other teams. Europe’s immigration policies have made it no longer possible to take freedom and safety for granted.
“Man United ‘first’ to appoint counter-terror chief”, The Guardian, January 18, 2017:
Manchester United have appointed a counter-terrorism manager and believe they are the first Premier League club to do so, it emerged on Wednesday.
The English football giants, who suffered two embarrassing security blunders in recent months, appointed an unnamed former member of the Manchester police and made the announcement at a fans’ forum recently.
Old Trafford is now subject to some of the most stringent security measures on match days with spectators searched at the turnstiles and cars also undergoing checks when they want to enter the car park.
It comes after last May’s Premier League match with Bournemouth saw spectators evacuated from Old Trafford when a suspect package was discovered in a toilet.
The package proved to be harmless and had been placed there — and then forgotten about — by a security firm during a training exercise. The match had to be played at a later date.
In another breach two audacious United fans on a tour of Old Trafford last November hid in the loos hoping to be able then to gain access to their game with Arsenal….

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