Friday, January 06, 2017

Syrian refugee caught with FAKE passport at UK border - but still ALLOWED in to Britain

A SYRIAN refugee has claimed he was waved through British airport security despite being caught using a fake passport, sparking mass security fears.

Mr Aabouss' story reveals a huge problem with British border control
Mr Aabouss' story reveals a huge problem with British border control
Mohammad Aabouss thought his dreams of UK asylum were over when his bogus passport triggered alarms at Stansted airport.
A border officer reportedly studied the £300 fake passport before asking him where he had arrived from.
Aabouss, 31, simply replied “Dortmund” and was waved through security in a shocking example of Britain’s inability to effectively control its borders, the Sun reported.
The migrant said: “I was amazed it was so easy. I could have been a terrorist.”
“I was desperate to get here but amazed they let me in.”
He told the Sun: “If it was that easy for me imagine how easy it would be for a terrorist with more finances and more sophisticated methodology.”
Aabouss, who claims to be an interior designer from Aleppo, then burned the passport and traveled to Lunar House screening centre in Croydon, South London, where he claimed asylum.
He admits he wants to bring his wife and two children over to the UK after fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria before Christmas 2015.
He arrived at the Calais Jungle refugee camp with his wife and kids but desperation forced him to try and get into the UK.
Aabouss said: “I couldn’t face another winter in a refugee camp, even though the Jungle is now closed.
“We decided I had to get to the UK, seek asylum then get my family here too
“I hated breaking the law but could see no other way.”
After arriving at Lunar House he was taken to a migrant hostel in Wakefield before moving to Grimsby, where he is now based.
The news comes after it was revealed that hundreds of entry points on Britain’s coast are not police, providing possible access routes for thousands of refugees trying to get to the UK.
A Home Office spokeswoman told MailOnline: “All passports are inspected by Border Force officers who are rigorously trained to prevent those using fraudulent documents from entering the country.
“Our officers are also involved in the training of airline staff and immigration officers overseas to spot false documents to stop people from even beginning their journey to the UK. 
“Between 2010 and March 2016 more than 107,000 people were refused entry to the UK, including those refused for travelling on invalid documentation.”

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