Friday, February 24, 2017

Area of UK where 60% of school children DON'T speak English as first language

School kidsThe report, by Bradford Council showed 59 per cent of the children in Bradford East only spoke English as an additional language to their native tongue.
This is compared to the national figure which is 20 per cent.
Bradford council will meet to discuss the findings on January 12 and seek ways to improve the amount of English spoken in new immigrant’s homes. 
The report said there are 24,758 pupils taught in the constituency’s 51 schools.
Twenty one per cent of pupils are on free school meals, compared to 15 per cent nationally.
Ian Murch, Bradford spokesman for the National Union of Teachers, said: “Speaking English as an additional language isn’t necessarily a sign of deprivation.
“For a lot of families in these areas the home languages may be both English and another language. 
“It is not as big a factor for some communities, especially ones that are well established. 
“It will be a bigger issue in communities that are newer to the UK and less established like some Eastern European communities.
“Reports like this show that some children have a bigger hill to climb when it comes to their education.”
Back in 2014, a report by the Department for Education found over one million pupils did not have English as their first language.
The figure was half of the children in schools in towns such as Luton, Slough and Leicester.

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