Sunday, February 26, 2017

Migrants granted asylum in UK because they’re gay rockets 450 PER CENT

THE number of migrants claiming asylum in Britain because of their sexuality has rocketed 450 per cent in just five years, with MPs claiming it is difficult for the Home Office to prove they are genuinely gay.

Refugees and Lunar House
The number of migrants claiming asylum on the basis of their sexuality has rocketed
Figures have risen by a staggering amounts as refugees claim they would be in danger if they were not given sanctuary.
In 2014, 1,115 people claimed refuge in Britain due to their sexuality.
However in 2009, it was as few as 200 claimants who claimed their sexuality could lead to death if they were sent back to their homeland.
Conservative MP David Burrowes linked the rise to a Supreme Court ruling in 2010 which stopped the Home Office rejecting claims over its view that sexuality could be kept hidden.
The challenge for the Home Office and asylum seekers is having to prove your sexuality
Conservative MP David Burrowes
He told the newspaper: “The challenge for the Home Office and asylum seekers is having to prove your sexuality.” 
Campaigners say desperate migrants have even been forced to film themselves having sex to convince authorities they are gay. 
The shocking figures come after it emerged posters displayed in the sprawling Calais Jungle encouraged desperate migrants to lie about their sexuality in order to help their asylum claims. 
Written in English and Arabic, the guide told migrants living in Calais to choose a "category", which proves to authorities their life is in danger in their homeland. 
The reasons ranged from "race and religion" to "being gay in some countries". 
The majority of claimants were from Pakistan, which will be handed £441million in British foreign aid this year.
Between 2007 and 2014, 748 Pakistani nationals claimed asylum because of their sexuality.
In the same period, 343 Nigerians, 112 Jamaicans and 88 Ghanaians gave being gay as a reason to stay.

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