Saturday, April 22, 2017


An old age pensioner was knocked unconscious following an unprovoked pack attack in Blackburn. The victim a 69 year old man was left with a badly damaged face and a broken nose in the attack.
The only description given for the low life scumbags responsible is…..yes you guest it…..Asian…and we all know who that will be then. Those nice  ‘ religion of peace’ members who have such a positive effect on our society where ever they turn up. Such as Blackburn which is rapidly turning into a full blown Islamic ghetto. 
A PENSIONER was brutally beaten in a vicious unprovoked attack while walking through Blackburn town centre.
Geoff Richards, 69, said he was knocked unconscious while he was walking along Astley Gate by a group of youths.
His family has released these shocking pictures in the hope of catching the culprits.
Mr Richards said he woke up face-down on the kerb and was struggling to breath after the assault.
He was left with two swollen black eyes and a suspected broken nose.
The retired baker said: “I walked into the Last Orders pub at around 8pm on Saturday, but there was nobody in there so I left. I should have got a taxi, but I decided to walk.
“I walked up Darwen Street and turned up to Sam’s Bar, crossed the road, saw some youths and thought nothing of it.
“I put my foot on the pavement and a blow came out of nowhere.
“They must have given me a hell of a beating. I must have been knocked unconscious.
“I woke up face down with three quarters of my body in the road. My glasses were off and the lenses were on the pavement.
“My hands were covered in blood which must have been from my nose.”
Mr Richards was helped off the ground by someone who came out of Sam’s Bar and phoned the police.
He was taken to Blackburn Royal Infirmary in a police van because he was told there were no ambulances available and returned home at about 2am.
He is due to go back to the hospital in the next few days so doctors can examine his nose.
“I can’t get my head around why somebody would want to do this to me. I would not hurt a fly,” he said.
“It was unprovoked. I had money in my pocket and a mobile phone and they did not take anything.”
Mr Richards also suffers from a lung condition which meant he woke up struggling to breath.
“I can’t get my head around it at all. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me. You do not expect it walking across the road. It was the last thing on my mind.
“It was a vicious unprovoked attack.”
Mr Richards said the incident had put him off going out.
“I went to the post office yesterday but it was a struggle. I was edgy but I thought it was no good stopping in for days and days. I am trying to get out,” he said.
“It has been a hell of a shock. It’s really knocked me for six.
“I would not wish it on anyone.”
Mr Richards said the bruising was starting to go down and he was getting plenty of rest while his brother and niece had been helping him out.
His niece Angela Curwen, 51, from Oswaldtwistle, has shared the pictures on Facebook.
She said: “I love my uncle and it is just devastating for this to happen.
“He is very shaken up and scared by it. He is nearly 70-years-old.
“We have been asking people to share the pictures on social media to try and help catch them.
“If anyone saw anything we would ask them to contact the police. I want it out there. It is a disgusting thing to happen.
“At that time of night there must have been people around.”
A police spokeswoman said they were made aware of the incident at 8.20pm on Saturday.
She said they were given a description of an Asian male and enquiries were on-going.

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