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Top Harefield heart surgeon 'raped mother in hospital whose child he'd treated, while still in his operating scrubs'

  • Mohamed Amrani, 53, is on trial for sexually assaulting five women in hospitals
  • Alleged victim told court he said 'you owe me' then started kissing her in office
  • Then stripped her naked, sexually assaulted her and made her perform sex act
  • Woman felt she could not report him because of position at Harefield hospital
  • Renowned surgeon Amrani denies all charges against him. The trial continues 
Mohamed Amrani, pictured outside the Old Bailey yesterday, is on trial for sexually assaulting five women in hospitals 
Mohamed Amrani, pictured outside the Old Bailey yesterday, is on trial for sexually assaulting five women in hospitals 
One of Britain's top heart surgeons raped a woman in his office after telling her 'you owe me' for helping her sick child, a court heard.
The alleged victim told how 53-year-old Mohamed Amrani was still in his scrubs as he forced his tongue in her mouth and kissed her neck and ears.
She told jurors how the consultant surgeon then stripped her naked and said 'I'm going to f*** you,' then sexually assaulted her.
The alleged victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, is one of four women he is said to have attacked during a campaign of 'sexual bullying' at the hospital between 2001 and 2014. 
When she begged him 'please don't do that', Amrani turned her around and said he was going to have sex with her from behind, the Old Bailey heard.
He then sat her down on the sofa in his office at Harefield Hospital in Hillingdon, west London and forced her to perform a sex act, jurors were told.
She said she felt she was left 'very, very shaken' after the attack and felt she could not report the incident because of Amrani's position at the hospital, where his wife Clare worked part-time.
Amrani was finally reported to police in 2015 - by which time he had allegedly patted the bottom of a fifth victim at the Cromwell private hospital in Kensington, west London, in June 2014. 
Prosecutors claim he carried out the assaults over 13 years and believed his position as one of Britain’s leading surgeons meant his victims would never dare to complain.
The eminent specialist performed Britain’s first double heart valve replacement using keyhole surgery in 2007, and has carried out life-saving transplant operations.
He denies all the attacks and any sexual contact with the women, and claims they have invented the accusations against him.
Today, Amrani's third alleged victim described him as 'an absolutely brilliant surgeon' who had helped when her child fell ill.
A victim today claimed that he told her 'you owe me' after operating on her sick child then sexually assaulted her at Harefield Hospital (pictured), in Hillingdon, west London
'He started saying: "You owe me for the help I gave you. Remember, you owe me",' she told jurors.
'He said it in a jovial, jolly way and I just never thought anything.'
The woman described how she was walking to Amrani's office on September 4 2013.
'Then he said to me, "you owe me, you owe me, you owe me", delivered in a very jovial way. I didn't think anything of it,' she explained.
She sat on a sofa in Amrani's office, while he took a seat at his computer.
'He came off the computer and came over to me while I was on the sofa. He leaned over and started kissing me,' the woman said.
Asked by prosecutor Peter Clement what was going through her mind, she replied: 'Complete shock. Disbelief.'
He then stood up and flicked the lock on the office door, the court heard.

'Then he came back over and started kissing me again. I didn't move at all. I was completely still, completely frozen,' the alleged victim continued.

'He was trying to push his tongue inside my mouth. He then started kissing my neck and ears. It was a horrible sensation.

'Then he pulled me up off the sofa so I was in a standing position.'

She said: 'I remember that he smelled of coffee,' adding: 'Every time I go into a room that smells of coffee it brings it all back.'

The woman said she did not fight Amrani off as he undressed her before sexually assaulted her.

She told jurors that he then said he was going to have sex with her and she said: 'please don't do that, please don't do that, I really don't want you to do that.'

The he span her around and touched her intimately, she told the court, describing how she was in a state of panic when it happened.

Describing the ordeal, she added: 'He then turned me back around and pushed me down on the sofa when he was stood right in front of me.'

Jurors were told how Amrani forced her to perform oral sex on him before his phone rang.
He answered 'hello', tied up his operating theatre 'scrubs' and left the room, the court heard.

The alleged victim added: 'I just thought to myself at that time, "there's no way I can report this".

On Tuesday, another victim told the court that she was attacked in 2002, when Amrani allegedly ‘reached out’ to grab her breasts.

 She said she had not made a formal complaint because ‘the surgeons are all powerful’, and she feared she would not be taken seriously.

Yesterday, the court was told that a second alleged victim claimed she was regularly attacked by the surgeon over a six-month period beginning in 2003.

Speaking to police more than a decade later on 28 May 2015, she said Amrani could be 'charming and funny', but had an 'explosive temper' when things weren't panning out as he expected.

She claimed all of the assaults took place in a hospital office, but when she complained, the hospital’s theatre manager was 'dismissive' and 'did laugh it off as if it was all part of how things were'.

It is also alleged that Amrani had grabbed another woman’s breasts in a hospital corridor in 2014.

She also did not make a formal complaint, the court heard, but he later said to her 'you do realise I will f**** you sooner or later', and she subsequently told the police.

The fifth victim also alleged she had been patted on the bottom by Amrani at the Cromwell private hospital on 7 June 2014. She tried to slap him across the face but he ducked, jurors heard.

Amrani, from Harrow, northwest London, denies one count of rape, one count of assault by penetration, six counts of indecent assault and three counts of sexual assault.

The trial continues. 

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