Saturday, June 24, 2017

Killer who 'tried to get into Buckingham Palace' flees Britain sparking border row

Ghodratollah Barani - Border force
Killer Ghodratollah Barani managed to escape the UK cross the Channel
Police issued pictures of Ghodratollah Barani after he went on the run from a secure home in May.
The 31-year-old Afghan was being detained after pleading guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility for killing a rough sleeper in London.
He has now turned up across the Channel but authorities have no idea how.
He was handed an indefinite hospital order after the Old Bailey was told he killed after “hearing voices telling him to kill someone so he could be king”.
Hours after he strangled the stranger in Marble Arch in 2013 he turned up at Buckingham Palace and demanded to see the Queen.
Barani was placed in care at the Evergreen Lodge home in Croydon, south London.
But in a major security blunder that has left border officials with red faces he was able to sneak out of the UK unhindered.
Ukip spokeswoman Jane Collins said: “With the terror threat being at its highest the lack of intelligence on the whereabouts of escaped murderers is terrifying and unacceptable. 
This is another shocking scandal highlighting failings by police and Border Force, but ultimately the Home Office, which cannot keep track of who is coming in or out – even serious offenders.

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