Monday, June 19, 2017

Theresa May vows to stamp out “Islamophobia”

A non-Muslim who reportedly declared that he wanted to “kill all Muslims” plowed into a crowd at the notorious jihad terror-tied Finsbury Park Mosque. Any attack on any innocent people is reprehensible and to be condemned, and this one is no different. It does, however, present a tremendous opportunity to the British political and media establishment. They have declared that “far-right extremism” is just as much of a threat as jihad terror, but they haven’t had any “far-right extremism” to validate their narrative aside from an occasion strip of bacon at a mosque — only highlighting how hysterical this narrative is as the casualties of Islamic jihad attacks continue to mount.
But now they have this, and it is clear that Theresa May and her cohorts are determined to make the most of it to take even more actions against “Islamophobia” — by which they mean not just vigilante attacks against innocent Muslims, but also honest analysis of how jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism. The Finsbury Park Mosque has a record of jihad terror activity, but reporting on that will be seen as inciting violence against innocent Muslims, and all vestiges of any sane response to the jihad terror threat that may remain in Britain now will be shut down.
The worst aspect of this is that this attack appears to have been undertaken by someone who was overwhelmed with frustration at what the British government is doing to the country. If May really wants to stamp out “Islamophobia,” she could do it easily by working swiftly and honestly against the jihad threat, rather than accommodating and appeasing Islamic supremacists at every turn. It is that appeasement, not truthful counterterror analysis, that incites vigilantism. If she dealt with the jihad threat in any effective way, then there would be no more attacks like this one. She and her government, due to their supine response to jihad, bear the ultimate responsibility for the horrific incident at the Finsbury Park Mosque.
“‘Every bit as sickening’ May vows to stamp out Islamophobia as politicians flock to scene,” by Tom Parfitt, Express, June 19, 2017:

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