A leading headmaster has called for a new law to stop state schools in diverse areas being taken over by one faith or community.
Sir Nick Weller, the chief executive of Dixons Academies in Bradford, said legislation is needed to stop communities segregating themselves at school level.
Let's get this clear, he wants to force English people to mix with immigrants they never wanted here in the first place, invited in by traitor politicians?
Sir Nick, who runs eight academies in the city, told Radio 4’s Today programme yesterday that diversity in schools is vital to helping communities interact.
And if they don't want "diversity", prefer not to "interact", what then - fines, prison?
He said: 'I think it's unhealthy in a city like Bradford for two communities to live separate lives, which by and large they do. You could say Bradford is almost two communities - the Muslim community and the white community.'
Lol, "almost"! What's unhealthy about Bradford is the presence of a vast and growing Muslim population that has already produced numerous terrorists and countless rapists of English girls. Bradford today (along with many other towns) is like Belfast just before the Troubles. That's what's scaring the hell out of these left-wing zealots. Their diversity experiment has failed. It's a flaming car crash, a disaster, and nothing can save it - not even desperate social engineering schemes.
'Families will ignore the school that is nearest them because it is predominantly of one - the "wrong" - ethnic group and they will send them a little bit further down the road to a school where they feel more comfortable.'
Yep, that's the sensible thing to do if you don't want your Christian kids immersed in Islam, or bullied for being white.
Sir Nick, who runs eight academies in the city, including Dixons Trinity Academy, said legislation is needed to stop communities segregating themselves at school level.
Parents: forget freedom of choice, freedom of association, your kids will mix with Muslims - or else.
Asked if the Government should legislate for the proportion from one community in any one school to be no more than 70 per cent, he said: 'I think that is the only answer myself, but the legal implications of that are quite high.'
You bet they are, you arrogant socialist scumbag.
Yesterday Professor Ted Cantle, who produced the report into the Bradford riots in 2001, said: 'I do think it is a good idea.
Segregation is a disaster. We know that people who live in very excluded communities are more likely to fall prey to extremist points of view.'
Actually, only Muslims "fall prey" to extremism and terrorism - not Chinese, not Hindus, not even gypsies or ghetto blacks. Headmaster: may I respectfully suggest that you get back to the classroom and do something about the millions of kids who can't spell, can't add up and know nothing of our history and culture. Or at the very least, stop them stabbing the teachers at your 'academies'