Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Muslim screams “praise Allah” and “something’s about to happen” on bus, not terror related

He is, the authorities say, mentally ill, which is what authorities say about nearly all jihadis these days.
The deep denial and willful ignorance of British officials regarding the jihad threat is something they’re going to regret one day, but by then it will be far too late.
“Megabus drama Armed police scrambled to arrest ‘disruptive’ man shouting ‘praise Allah’ and ‘something’s about to happen’ on Megabus after driver evacuates passengers on M6,” by David Bateman, The Sun, July 4, 2017 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
ARMED cops swooped on a Megabus from London last night after a “disruptive” man shouting “praise Allah” and “something’s about to happen” caused a driver to pull over and evacuate worried passengers.
Around six police cars raced to the scene on the M6 after the coach driver pulled over and alerted emergency services.
The driver then “quietly” told passengers to get off the vehicle as they waited for officers to arrive.
Student Catherine Graham was returning home from six weeks in South America when she was caught up in the incident, near Rugby, Warwickshire, shortly after midnight.
Catherine said: “A man was saying stuff out loud repeatedly on the bus which began to worry some of the passengers.
“After a few of them told the driver, the driver pulled over and alerted the police.”
The Glasgow Caledonian University student said people raised the alarm after he was heard loudly “praising Allah” and saying “something was going to happen soon”.
Ms Graham continued: “The bus driver then came up and quietly told us to get off the bus without making a noise.
“A few minutes later a police convoy of about six cars showed up with armed police too and they handled the situation.”
Warwick police said they are carrying out checks but the incident is not being treated as terrorist related and no explosives were seized.
A Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police spokesman said: “At 11.56pm last night, officers responded to a call raising concern about a man’s behaviour on a bus on the M6 near Rugby.
“The bus stopped on Central Park Drive where a 47-year-old man from Manchester was detained under the Mental Health Act.
“He will now undergo a mental health assessment.”…

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