Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Muslim guilty of distributing jihad terror propaganda on YouTube and WhatsApp

He did it for two years. Two years. No doubt they didn’t ban or block him as swiftly as they would have if he had been doing something really dangerous, such as opposing jihad terror, rather than propagandizing for it.
“WhatsApp and YouTube terror video man found guilty,” BBC, July 31, 2017:
A man has been found guilty of sharing terrorist propaganda via WhatsApp and YouTube.
Taha Hussain, 21, from Slough, used a phone emblazoned with so-called Islamic State’s black flag to post videos and audio to social media.
The Old Bailey heard he sent “extremist” material on WhatsApp and had a YouTube channel which showed Islamist militants in battle….
Counter Terrorism Policing South East said Hussain encouraged others to “prepare or commit acts of terror” over a two-year period before his arrest in August 2016.
Officers found he had shared videos of himself driving outside army barracks listening to jihadi chants following terrorist attacks in Paris and Orlando, the court heard.
Police said he also promoted that “no-one should feel sorry for the deaths of non-Muslims and the wrong kind of Muslims”….

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