Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Racist trolls hit Sir Mo Farah with sick abuse after he posts a photo online of himself celebrating Christmas

  • Sir Mo Farah posted a festive greeting for his 660,000 followers on Instagram
  • The Olympic champion posted a selfie of him wearing a Santa hat for his fans
  • Some fellow Muslims have criticised the runner for mentioning Christmas  
Mo Farah posted a festive photograph wishing his followers a Merry Christmas on Instagram
Olympic gold medalist Sir Mo Farah has been attacked by racist trolls online after he posted a message of Christmas goodwill for his followers on Instagram
The middle distance runner who has more than 660,000 followers on Instagram posted a selfie of him wearing a Santa hat wishing a Merry Christmas. 
Sir Mo, who is a practicing Muslim, was criticised by fellow Muslims for mentioning the Christian festival on his social media feed. 
One critic wrote: 'You are being given the name of our beloved prophet Mohamed and it is better to protect the honourable name and your religion of Islam.' 

Another said: 'The respect I had for you went way down. Shame bro.' A third condemned the runner: 'Are you serious? You are Muslim you cant do this , I’m sorry for you.'

However, more than 26,000 people have liked Sir Mo's festive message.
One critic said: 'Mohamed Farah shame on you.' 

Although many people posted positive messages. One fan wrote: 'What’s wrong with saying Merry Christmas? Not like he’s celebrating it. We have people who don’t celebrate Eid and are well known saying Eid Mubarak but that’s not a problem so why is this?' 

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