Saturday, December 23, 2017

Sadiq Khan celebrates as UK makes EU migrant concession: Relatives CAN move to UK

The Mayor of London said that he welcomed the fact Theresa May had done a “significant U-turn” on European’s citizens rights.
He tweeted: “I welcome the apparent U-turn from Theresa May on the rights of EU citizens & British citizens living in the EU. 
“But the detail must contain clear & unambiguous reassurance to the 3m EU citizens in London & elsewhere in the UK that they can stay & will have automatic full rights."
Britain appears set to guarantee the rights for EU citizens unborn children, adopted children, and existing relatives after Brexit.
Mrs May has also agreed to accept EU judges' rulings on such rights.
Sadiq Khan
Sadiq Khan has taken to twitter to gloat that the UK has made an EU migrant concession
The Brexit document states: “Irrespective of their nationality, the following categories of family members who were not residing in the host State on the specified date will be entitled to join a Union citizen or UK national right holder after the specified date for the life time of the right holder, on the same conditions as under current Union law."
Europe’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier confirmed that the three million EU citizens living in the UK would still enjoy a host of rights - including bringing their families over.
He said: "Family members such as spouses, children, grandparents and parents will maintain their right to relocate there in the future if at present they do not live in the UK.
"All children will have this right, even those born after withdrawal of the UK.
"Family members of British citizens in the EU will be able to join them too."
Mr Barnier said that all citizens who arrived in the UK or EU before Britain’s withdrawal from the bloc will be able to reside as they are today.
In the UK, they will also maintain rights to use the national healthcare system.
And, contentiously, Britain will allow EU citizens the right to "export all exportable benefits" as defined by EU legislation after the country leaves the European Union.
Additionally, the UK has offered to set a fair price for the migrants in the UK to apply for settled status. 
BrexitUK Government
The Brexit document outlines citizens rights for those EU citizens residing in the UK
It is currently about £70. But Europeans already in UK will receive settled status for free.
All EU citizens rights will be guaranteed by an independent body set up by the UK.
In a Brussels press conference Mrs May said that the process of arriving at a withdrawal deal "hasn't been easy for either side”. 
But provisions on citizens' rights would allow EU nationals in the UK "to go on living their lives as before”.
The rights actually give Europeans more power than the ordinary British citizen -on bringing their spouses- as the UK does not grant its own citizens automatic rights to bring in foreign spouses.
Lastly, the European Court of Justice will still have some control over EU citizens rights according to Jean Claude Juncker.
Mr Juncker said: "For EU citizens, the European Court of Justice will still be competent."
Donald Tusk added that he was proposing that, during the transition period of around two years after March 2019, the UK should be required to respect EU law - including any new laws which are passed by the EU27 without British involvement - and to respect its budgetary commitments and the judicial oversight of the ECJ.
Mrs May had previously said that the ECJ should hold any more sway in Britain after the divorce, but the European Parliament has made the court's involvement one of its priorities in safeguarding the position of the three million citizens of other EU states now living in Britain.
And it has "accepted the competence of the (ECJ) in relation to the interpretation of the Withdrawal Treaty".

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