Sunday, January 21, 2018

BBC describes Muslim migrant jihad bomber as “Surrey teenager”

The BBC, and the entire Western political and media establishment, is indefatigably committed to denying that there is a jihad against the West, or any concomitant reason to be concerned about Muslim migrants. And of course to be skeptical about their age claims would be “Islamophobic.”
Imagine if this were 1942, and a German who claimed be eighteen years old and had settled in Surrey set off a bomb in London. Would “Surrey teenager” have been the extent of the BBC’s description of him, or interest in him?
“BBC Describes Iraqi Migrant Terror Suspect as ‘Surrey Teenager,’” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, January 20, 2018:
The BBC has deleted a tweet describing the Iraqi migrant accused of the Parsons Green terror bombing as a “Surrey teenager.”
Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali, who claims to be 18-years-old, arrived in Britain from the camps in Calais, Northern France, three years ago, according to the Telegraph.
He travelled illegally across Europe but, as an “unaccompanied child”, was allowed into Britain and processed in a migrant centre in Kent. He was then placed in a foster home with an elderly couple in Sunbury-on-Thames.
During a hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday, the Iraqi migrant spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth, and address.
He has been charged with carrying out the terror bombing at the Parsons Green tube station last September. A homemade bucket bomb containing knives and screws only partially exploded, but injured more than a dozen people.
BBC London Newsroom’s official Twitter account tweeted the news of his court appearance on Friday. It read:
“Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali – the #Surrey teenager accused of building and placing a homemade bomb on a train which partially exploded at #ParsonsGreen Tube station – has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and causing an explosion.”
The tweet mysteriously disappeared after later the same day after its description of the Iraqi terror suspect as a “Surrey teenager” attracted widespread derision.
Mr. Hassan was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on the 13th of October. He was arrested in the port of Dover, a day after the attack, and was thought to be attempting to flee the country.
Just this week, Prime Minister Theresa May agreed to accept more so-called “child refugees” from Calais after talks with French President Emmanuel Macron….

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