Friday, February 09, 2018

Calls to protect UK drivers from Muslim migrant violence in Calais

Calais has been a virtual war zone for some time now. Just over a year ago, this was the scene:
Marauding gangs attempted to storm the motorwaey leading to the port as the crisis in the town spirals out of control….Refugees lit fires and barricaded the road as they tried to ambush traffic heading to the ferry terminal. The chaos forced traffic to a standstill for over an hour as heavily armed officers desperately battled to restore order.
The scene is similar to the Muslim no-go zones in Sweden. Now the migrant melee is back, causing Richard Burnett of the Road Haulage Association to implore the French army to deploy troops and help “protect British drivers from escalating migrant violence in Calais.”
Victims of jihad terror, violence and attacks keep piling up in Europe, as trouble spots increase. While law and order is becoming a thing of the past, absurd European leaders continue to advocate for more Muslim migrants, and even pressure the Visegrad group for refusing to let their countries become ruins by flinging open their doors to a Muslim migrant invasion.
“‘Send in troops’: Calls to protect UK drivers from Calais migrant violence”, by Giles Sheldrick, Express, February 2, 2018:
A series of fights between mainly Afghan and Eritrean men desperate to reach the UK erupted on Thursday, leaving 22 in hospital – five with gunshot wounds.
Now there are fears a trucker or tourist could be killed unless the French army is drafted in to urgently restore order.
Richard Burnett, of the Road Haulage Association, said: “If traffickers are using guns, that changes the game completely and it’s time for the army to be deployed.
“Walls and fences don’t solve the problem and each day the risk of attack to hauliers increases. They must be protected.
“We don’t want to see tourists or truckers caught in the firing line.”
It is just a fortnight before half-term, when tens of thousands of British families will be using ferry and Eurotunnel terminals.
French Interior Minister Gerard Collomb said: “This is a level of violence that hasn’t been seen before.”
And the disorder has sparked fears of a return to the chaos witnessed at the height of the migrant crisis in 2016, when 10,000 UK-bound refugees flooded into Calais and formed the notorious “Jungle” camp.
The violence comes weeks after France’s President Emmanuel Macron struck a deal with Prime Minister Theresa May under which British taxpayers will pay £44.5million more towards border security – on top of the £360 million already spent since 2010 – while taking in more migrants.
Dover MP Charlie Elphicke described the situation as “shocking”, adding: “We cannot have a return to the Calais chaos. The French need to get these migrants out of Calais and arrest the ruthless people traffickers.”
The Home Office said last night: “The incidents in Calais are of concern and we will continue to monitor the situation closely. Our French partners have responded quickly and robustly to restore order.”….

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