Monday, February 12, 2018

Mobile phone warehouse worker, 28, who was in the UK illegally ‘planned a suicide bomb attack after the Home Office shut down his bogus college'

  • Mohammed Kamal Hussain, 28, lost his visa when 'bogus college' was shut down
  • He is accused of collecting bomb-making recipes in order to launch an attack
  • He denies preparing acts of terrorism and supporting a banned organisation
A mobile phone worker who called himself 'Captain the illiterate' and planned a suicide bomb attack was in the country illegally after the Home Office shut down his bogus college, a court has heard.
Mohammed Kamal Hussain, 28, was attending a college in Whitechapel, East London, when it was shut down and his student visa withdrawn.
The Home Office wrote to him as an 'over-stayer' but he never returned to his home in Bangladesh, Kingston Crown Court was told.
Hussain is accused of collecting bomb-making recipes in order to launch an attack last summer and had downloaded a picture of the Queen.
He told his contacts he wanted to arrange a 'barbecue party' - said to be code for an attack - and planned to 'do something big.'

Using the name, 'Captain the illiterate', Hussain told one female contact: 'I'm a simple man...I hate the smart people. Inshallah, I will be smart after I go to Paradise...before die, wanna punish some kuffar.'

Asked how he came up with the name, Hussain told the court: 'It doesn't have any meaning, I just liked this name.'

Naeem Mian QC, defending, asked Hussain: 'You are an over-stayer and your passport is with the Home Office?'

'I don't have any option other than to go to Bangladesh,' he said.

Hussain had been living in London for seven years and working in a mobile phone warehouse called the London Magic Store, the court heard.

His plan was to retrieve his passport from the Home Office and travel back to Bangladesh, before going on to Saudi Arabia to wait for 'Armageddon,' he explained.

'I think for us it is better to die in Dabiq, at the end of times,' he said, referring to a town in Syria, prophesied to be the site of the 'last battle' between Muslims and the Romans.

Armageddon, it is the final battle between the Muslims and the Romans. There will be 2,000 soldiers against the Muslims.

'Before that the leader of the Muslims will be the Mahdi and they will defeat the enemy in the East.'

He said that comments about purifying his soul by 'kuffar [infidel] bombs' were a reference to the 'forces of the enemy, the anti-Christ' adding: 'I am talking about the end of times.'

In one conversation with a contact in Bradford on June 4 last year, Hussain told him: 'We should arrange a barbecue party. If we cannot make hijrah [emigrate] then wherever we live fighting is coming upon us.

'World politics says this things. If you live Bangladesh, UK, Middle East, anywhere you go, you have face fight.

'I believe this is the beginning of 3rd world war and it's will be end after killing dajjal [anti-Christ].'

Hussain told the court he talked about barbecues 'when I am really happy'.

His friend noted: 'Brother you said we have to do a very tight plan about our secret thing, otherwise shaheed [martyred] here.'

But Hussain told the court: 'Only plan is to go to Bangladesh and then go to Saudi and wait until the Mahdi comes. There is only one plan. '

He said he collected ISIS publications because 'I consider IS a sign of the end of days and I want to know about their ideology.

He said he read one edition of Rumiyah, which had a guide to knife attacks 'for the ideological matter and their teachings and that sort of things, but I never read how to kill people with a knife.

'It is very silly that I downloaded how to kill with a knife. No one needs to learn how to kill with a knife.'

Hussain admitted that he asked a friend to send him a guide to explosives, but added: 'I was curious, but when she sent it, I lost my curiosity.'

His collection of extremist books were about religion, he said, adding: 'I was seeking the truth, I was never planning an attack.'

But the court was read one entry on Facebook from January 14 last year in which he wrote: 'I don't know who I hate more between shia, Jews and capitalist coz these culprits are champions for their crimes in their own field.'

He told police who asked him about the comments: 'Yes it is my thoughts. I'm Muslim, I shouldn't like everything. I love everything for the sake of Allah and I hate everything for the sake of Allah, that's it.

'This is my simple theory, it is my belief. What is going against Allah's law I hate it. What is, Allah's law, I love it.'

Hussain denies preparing acts of terrorism, support for a proscribed organisation, and two counts of encouragement of terrorism and a friend Mohammed Ashfaq, 31, denies encouragement of terrorism. 

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