Saturday, February 17, 2018

Unsuspecting Britons ‘eating halal and kosher meat’ in READY MEALS without knowing

MILLIONS of people could be eating Halal and kosher meat - from animals that are not stunned before being killed - without even knowing it because they are not labelled, it is claimed.

Halal meat could be in ready meals
Halal meat could be in ready meals
Animal rights groups say the Islamic and Jewish practises are incredibly cruel and see animals die in enormous pain.
But ex-president of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Lord Trees, said pies and ready meals were likely to carry the meat.
And he warned many people were unaware of what was happening and an urgent change in the law was needed to tighten up food labelling.
Writing for the Vet Journal record, he said: “It is almost certain that meat which hasn’t been stunned is getting into the normal food chain. 
Many members of the public are understandably not aware of it. 
“There is no doubt a substantial part of the carcass is sold into the normal food chain. 
“Other people will receive that meat in a processed form.
“It’s very difficult to have accurate traceability when meat may go through the food chain and pass through several different people’s hands. 
Halal and kosher animals are not stunned
Halal and kosher animals are not stunned
“Various parts of it will go in all sorts of directions into different food chains and different processing systems, often different countries. 
“It then emerges as a meat pie or a ready meal or whatever.”
He called for products to be clearly labelled as either stunned or non-stunned so the public could make up their minds.
Lord Trees said: “While many of us, including the Government and the British Veterinary Association, which has long campaigned on this issue, would prefer that all animals are stunned before slaughter, there are problems in demanding a ban.
Clearer labelling could be introduced
Clearer labelling could be introduced
“Labelling should be introduced which clearly defines whether meat is from stunned or non-stunned slaughter. 
“This would help ensure that those who do not want meat from non-stunned animals do not inadvertently eat it.”
Lord Gardiner, the parliamentary under secretary of state for rural affairs at DEFRA, said the Government could look to tighten up labelling once Britain leaves the EU.
He told Parliament last week: “We think it is absolutely essential that everyone can make an informed choice. 
“We will be considering this issue in the context of our departure from the EU.”

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