Wednesday, March 14, 2018

prisons preparing for influx of Islamic State jihadis

This is good to see, since many other Islamic State jihadis are roaming free on British streets: the May government admitted just last month that a “significant portion” of returned Islamic State jihadis are free. So why are they planning to imprison the ones who are about to return? Are British prisons running low on jihad recruiters?
And will the British prisons have room for all these jihadis after they’ve imprisoned everyone who says rude things about Islam on Facebook?
“British prisons are preparing for an influx of Islamic State fighters, says justice secretary,” by Kate McCann, Telegraph, March 13, 2018:
Britain’s prisons are being readied for an expected influx of Islamic State jihadis returning to Britain from Syria, the Justice Secretary has disclosed.
David Gauke said “a lot of work” is being done by British authorities to ensure they are ready if large groups of British Isil fighters attempt to return home.
Hundreds of British extremists could soon be Britain’s “problem” after Isil was largely defeated in Syria and Iraq, he said.
In an interview in the Evening Standard newspaper Mr Gauke did not reveal how many are expected to return, although the Government has previously estimated that 850 UK-linked individuals went to engage in the Syrian conflict….

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