Ansar Mahmood, 37, of Withins Close, Little Horton, Bradford, was sentenced to 15 years in prison at Bradford Crown Court today after being found guilty of multiple counts of rape and sexual assault against a girl under the age of 13 at a trial in January.
The charges include eight counts, including rape and sexual touching. In some cases he forced himself on the girl in the back seat of his car. A judge said there was an element of grooming in the offending, and Mahmood had offered money to keep the girl silent.
His victim bravely spoke to the court before he was sentenced yesterday. She said the abuse caused her life to “fall out of control,” and that she found the process of giving evidence and dealing with police was “overwhelming.”
She said: “I have found it hard to make new friends. It has had an impact on my learning.
“When boys speak to me it makes me feel that all they want is sex. I think no one will ever really care for me, I don’t have any confidence. I’m trying to get back all the things he has taken away from me.
“My life has changed, it wasn’t his life to change, it was mine. I’m very angry for what he has done to me.
“I think of him walking around without a care while I am trapped in my thoughts, trapped in my memories.”
After she spoke, Recorder Anthony Hawks described her as a “very brave and remarkable young person.”
The court was told that Mahmood had no previous convictions, and was a “hard worker.”
He told Mahmood, through a Punjabi interpreter: “You sought to secure her silence with offers of money. When you were arrested you denied the offences, as you did throughout your trial and you have continued to allege that she lied about you. Nobody who has just heard the brave young person here today could fail to be moved by what she said. The effect on her life has been devastating.
“You have shown no remorse or acceptance of your behaviour. These were offences of upmost gravity, committed over a significant period of time. The victim may never be able to have a normal life after what you have done.”
He sentenced Mahmood to 15 years in prison, saying he would only be eligible for parole after 10 years. When he was released he will be deported. Detective Constable Emma Cheshire, of the Bradford District Safeguarding Unit, thanked the victim for her “courage.”
“I also hope it will encourage other victims who have not yet come forward to engage with our officers. They will investigate every report sensitively and thoroughly to identify perpetrators and bring them to justice.”
An NSPCC spokesperson said: “As the court heard from the victim’s incredibly brave testimony, Mahmood subjected her to years of horrific abuse.
“It is only through her courage in disclosing Mahmood’s depraved actions and giving evidence at trial that he has been brought to justice and is now behind bars.
“Child abuse has devastating and long-lasting effects on survivors’ lives. It is vital that the victim in this case receives all the support she needs, while we hope that Mahmood’s conviction and imprisonment encourages other survivors of abuse to come forward.”