Thursday, April 05, 2018

Despite media and police hysteria, “Punish A Muslim Day” fails to materialize

As I explained here, the “Punish A Muslim Day” fliers were almost certainly a hoax, and in light of the fact that they were sent to addresses in Muslim areas, likely concocted by Muslim activists in order to buttress their claim, always challenged by reality, that Muslims are victims of widespread persecution and harassment in the UK and elsewhere in the West.
The day came and went, giving Leftists a chance to indulge in more virtue-signaling and police to show that they wouldn’t tolerate any “Islamophobia.” And apparently there wasn’t even one incident of some creep attacking an innocent Muslim, which makes it even more likely that the whole thing was fabricated in order to smear foes of jihad terror by association (although no prominent foe of jihad terror has ever called for the despicable actions called for in the flier): the claim of Leftists and Islamic supremacists is that honest analysis of how jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to incite Muslims to commit acts of violence actually endangers innocent Muslims, and this flier only seemed to reinforce the idea that Muslims are under threat in the West. Except for the fact that they aren’t, it was a perfect PR setup.
“Compassionate Brits from human chain around mosque and hold ‘Hug A Muslim Day’ events after feared ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ fails to materialise,” by Cheyenne Roundtree, Mailonline, April 4, 2018:
Protestors formed a human chain around a mosque as anti-racism events were held throughout the country against ‘Punish A Muslim Day’ on Tuesday.
Nearly 100 people held signs and hands as they lined the perimeter of Newcastle Central Mosque as a show of support for the Islamic community.
Last month, counter-terrorism police began an investigation after people across the country reported receiving a shocking letter advocating violence against Muslims on the designated date of April 3.
Elsewhere in the UK, other groups of anti-racism protestors hit back against the sick call for violence, by organising ‘Love a Muslim Day’ and a ‘Day of Solidarity’, which had 21 gatherings.
The chosen day for the disgusting call for violence was on April 3, and letters were sent to people in London, the West Midlands and Yorkshire.
The letter encourages people to harm and commit crimes against Muslims and publishes a sickening point-scoring system of punishments.
Counter protestors held events in Nottingham, Bradford, Wakefield, Sheffield, Leeds, Edinburgh and Islington against the day of hate.
In Newcastle, the local branch of Citizens UK , Tyne and Wear Citizens, said they lined the mosque because they were ‘spreading love not hate, building bridges not walls’.
By the end of the day on Tuesday, an Islamophobic watchdog group said it had received two reports of hate crimes, but didn’t give further detail, reported the Times.
Although there was a massive outpouring of support leading up to the hateful day, women were warned to hide their hijabs and not to pick up their children from school alone.
People were also warned about going outside and were encouraged to lock their doors properly.
A WhatsApp message cautioned other Muslims to be wary on Tuesday.
It reads: ‘This is not a joke its sick plan they have a pointing system where they will b giving points and reporting on a site with vids etc punishments include taking off hijabs…beating up and even acid throwing….

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