Friday, May 11, 2018

Wannabe jihadi bride 'plotted to unleash terror in heart of city'

A WOULD-BE jihadi bride planned to "unleash terror in the heart of London", a court heard yesterday. Safaa Boular even gave a codename to her planned attack, the "Alice In Wonderland" tea party.

Safaa Boular
Safaa Boular planned to 'unleash terror in the heart of London' a court heard
The girl was just 17 when she decided to martyr herself in a grenade and gun assault on the British Museum.
She had earlier planned to travel to Syria and marry her Islamic State fiance, Naweed Hussain, 32, who had groomed her online, jurors were told.
The two had never met but were going to blow themselves up in a suicide attack, wanting to "depart the world holding hands and take others with them in an act of terrorism".
However Hussain, a British Pakistani who joined IS in Syria in June 2015, was killed there last year.
All you need is a car and a knife to get what I want to achieve
Naweed Hussain - Her Islamic State fiance reportedly said
Grenade So Boular then planned to "unleash violence and terror in the heart of London", said Duncan Atkinson, QC, prosecuting.
Hussain had already trained Boular online. She talked before his death of a gun and grenade attack but he allegedly told her to get a knife to slash victims outside the British Museum.
"All you need is a car and a knife to get what I want to achieve," he reportedly said.
Boular was arrested for allegedly trying to travel to Syria last April, the court heard. But while in custody, she urged her older sister Rizlaine, 21, to "carry the torch forward in her stead" and launch a knife attack at the Palace of Westminster.
In phone calls from jail, she talked about having an "Alice In Wonderland" themed tea party, allegedly code for a terror attack, the jury heard.
But on April 27 last year, the day of the proposed Westminster attack, police arrested Rizlaine Boular, of Clerkenwell, central London. She has since admitted planning an attack, the jury was told. Safaa Boular, now 18, of Vauxhall, south London, denies two counts of preparing acts of terrorism.
Joel Bennathan, QC, defending, told jurors: "She was a child who was sexually groomed, someone who was groomed to be radicalised."
The trial continues.

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