Sunday, July 08, 2018

Finance expert caught on CCTV carrying girl to rape ordeal

A FINANCIAL consultant who bundled a drunken teenager into an alleyway, raped her and went home to his wife was jailed for eight years yesterday. Sanjay Naker, 28, approached the 18-year-old college student after she was thrown out of Number 1 club, near London Bridge, for being too intoxicated, in the early hours of March 11 last year.

In denial...alley rapist Sanjay Naker
CCTV footage played to jurors at Inner London Crown Court showed her slumped over Naker’s shoulder, then falling, hitting her head on the ground.
Naker, who forced the teenager to perform sex acts before raping her in a 30-minute attack, was found by a passer-by standing over her and zipping up his trousers as she lay unconscious and half-naked.
He later told police the woman was “really horny” and begged him for sex.
He denied raping the teenager, who said she was so drunk she could remember little of the encounter.
CCTV footage showed her slumped over Naker’s shoulder
Naker, who lives with his mother and wife of two years in Wood Green, north London, told the court: “Never would I do that in my life because it’s horrific. If I felt like somebody did not want to do something or did not want to get with me I would not have carried on.”
But after nearly seven hours of deliberations, Naker was convicted of three charges of rape, one of attempted rape and one of sexual assault.
He was cleared of a further charge of assault by penetration.
Judge Freya Newberry told him: “If you formed a view that the woman wanted to have sex with you, you were very much mistaken.
“You took her to a filthy, secluded corner and the CCTV footage, which is compelling, to my mind, shows that she could barely stand up.
“She is still a teenager, coming to terms with what happened to her, and was particularly vulnerable in her state and level of extreme intoxication.”
The judge added: “She has been left anxious and afraid, reclusive and scared, and really repulsed by an idea of any intimate relationships.”

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