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Student who put college on lockdown after stabbing two teenagers

  • Mohammed Alsarayefi was 17 when he knifed his victims in fight in Manchester
  • Argument erupted during morning coffee break over a post he left on Snapchat
  • A student confronted him after reading that his ex-girlfriend was dating his rival 
  • Alsarayefi was convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm
Mohammed Alsarayefi, pictured outside Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester
Mohammed Alsarayefi, pictured outside Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester
A science student who forced a college campus to go into lockdown after stabbing two other teenagers outside the canteen following a row over a girl has been locked up for six years.
Mohammed Alsarayefi, of Fallowfield, Manchester, was just 17 when he knifed his victims in a fight after an argument erupted during morning coffee break over a post he left on Snapchat.
Fellow student Ravaah Ahmedi, then 18, confronted Alsarayefi after reading online that his ex-girlfriend was dating his rival. But he was left fighting for life with wounds to his chest, back and upper arm and a partially collapsed lung.
A third student, Tate Dore, 18, was knifed in the back after intervening in the brawl.
The double stabbing on November 11, 2016 caused the evacuation and cancellation of lectures at Shena Simon further education college. Alsarayefi fled the scene but was arrested later.
Alsarayefi, now 19, is now behind bars after being convicted of two charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm following a trial at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester.
He was cleared of the more serious charges of attempted murder after jurors took five hours to reach their verdicts. Friends and loved ones wept as he was led away.
The feud began after Mr Ahmedi had split up with girlfriend Zulaikha Hussain after a two year romance when he accused her of having a fling with a different boy.
Miss Hussain who attended a different college and who is known as Zilli then began dating Alsarayefi.
Mr Ahmedi said: 'That summer before the incident our relationship was on and off but I was still seeing her. In the October she mentioned Mo and we met. 
'I said I didn't like her having lads as mates but they can be on a 'hi and bye' basis. He accepted that and respected me for this. But I then found out that Zilli had slept with someone else so the relationship was over.
'I told Mo he could move forward with her but he wasn't interested and said 'I don't want sloppy seconds'. I believed we were friends. 
'We were at college days later and he bought me a drink. But then something was out on Snapchat. Mo had posted a story about him and Zilli and I thought he did it on purpose.
'I felt betrayed and disgusted. I private messaged him saying 'do you think I am a d***head' and deleted him. The next day I saw him in the corridor at college and we didn't speak.'
The 11am stabbing occurred when Mr Ahmedi went into the canteen with Mr Dore and saw Miss Hussain with Alsarayefi. He added: 'This made me feel frustrated and I went over to speak to Mo with the intention of having a conversation with him.
Alsarayefi fled the scene following the stabbing on November 11, 2016 - but was arrested later
Alsarayefi fled the scene following the stabbing on November 11, 2016 - but was arrested later
'I asked him to chat outside and he said 'let's go'. He acted friendly with me but he was being fake. I took out my gloves because it was cold as we went outside. Mo then said 'is this about me f***ing your ex?'
'I felt hurt and I punched him in the face but I saw a slither of silver in his hand which went towards my chest. I tried to punch him again but then realised I had been stabbed. I didn't feel much as I was full of adrenaline. I looked down and my grey tracksuit bottoms were red and I clutched my chest.
'Tate was on top of Mo. I then saw him hit or stab him a few times. I shouted 'call an ambulance!'. I thought I was going to die.'
Mr Ahmedi was treated in an intensive care unit before being sent home with pain killers. Mr Dore told the hearing: ' Ravaah got up and walked towards Mo and then I saw the two of them walking out.
'He asked me to come with him so I followed him as I would break up any fighting. I didn't see who started it but they were both punching each other. 
'Mo looked like he was going to continue so I went towards him and grabbed him his legs and he fell to the floor. But I felt a pinch to my back so I punched him and his head hit the floor and a silver object flew from his hand.
'I borrowed someone's phone to call 999 and saw Mo run off. I then felt I had sweat on my back and it was blood.'
Alsarayefi who was hoping to go to university after completing his access to science diploma course denied wrongdoing arguing he was acting in self defence - claiming Mr Ahmedi had the knife.
He told the jury of his relationship with Miss Hussain: 'We never slept together. I did approach Ravaah and told him that I was seeing Zulaikha and he said that he respected me for telling him and that I was a good lad.' 
He claimed Miss Hussain had posted the story about them on Snapchat and then attended the college to see a friend.
He added: 'I did see when Ravaah approached me that he wasn't very happy. But I didn't realise he would fight me, I thought that he would just get angry and raise his voice and then let it go. 
'We had already had two civilised conversations before, so I didn't realise that it would end in a fight. When he asked me to follow him out of the canteen, I thought he would stop at the stairs, but he continued outside.
'He then did a 180 degree turn and used his right arm to swing at me and I quickly threw my hands towards where he swung and blocked him. At that moment, I could see a knife in his hand. I started attacking Ravaah to protect myself.
'While being attacked, I managed to seize the knife from Ravaah and started throwing swings with both my hands. I am responsible for his injuries but I never knew that I hit those spots. 
'I was in complete shock and walked away and then I received a phone call from my father he told me that the police were at home and that I needed to come home.'
Bu,t sentencing, Judge Stuart Driver QC told Alsarayefi: 'This has had a lasting emotional impact on the two young men. 
'There was a degree of self defence in that the victim swung the first punch - but to then to strike with a knife was wholly out of proportion.
'You were 17 when you went to college that day, armed with a very dangerous knife and you used it to inflict a very serious injury on young Ravaah and several wounds to Tate. 
'The offences are aggravated by the location and time, outside a college when other young students had to see the blood and aftermath.
'If you had been an adult at that time in an identical circumstance the least possible sentence would have been one of nine years.'
Miss Hussan did not give evidence at the trial. The campus is one of 18 operated by the 30,000-student Manchester College.

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