Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Muslim spews anti-Semitic insults on airplane, walks free from court

Shamraize Bashir doesn’t seem to have done anything besides spew insults, but apparently he ran afoul of the UK’s laws against “racism.” Nonetheless, he walked free. If the roles had been reversed and he had been a non-Muslim insulting Muslims on an airplane, would he have walked free in today’s shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain? What do you think?
“Muslim businessman who reduced airline passengers to tears with anti-Semitic insults walks free from court after blaming racist remarks on smoking cannabis during Ramadan,” by Cheyenne Roundtree, Mailonline, June 25, 2018:
A Muslim businessman who reduced airline passengers to tears with anti-Semitic insults has walked free from court after he blamed his racist remarks on smoking cannabis during Ramadan.
Company director Shamraize Bashir, 34, was travelling back to the UK from Israel with friends when he launched a foul-mouthed five minute rant.
He was heard to say: ‘You know the really fat Jewish women yeah? Their job is to let their husbands f*** them and make babies for them.’
Fellow passengers on the easyJet flight from Tel Aviv urged Bashir to stop swearing,but he responded: ‘I’m not f***ing swearing – you can’t tell me what to do, even my own mum doesn’t tell me what to do.’
One tearful woman was so offended during Bashir’s outburst that she swapped seats with another passenger.
The court heard the incident occurred last June 17 when Bashir and seven friends were returning to the UK on the 9.30pm flight from the Israeli city.
Bashir, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, was arrested when the plane touched down in Manchester and was ordered to do community service when he appeared before a court this week.
He admitted to using racially aggravated threatening behaviour but he denied being racist, claiming his use of cannabis during the Islamic fasting season had affected his behaviour.
He told the court: ‘It was out of character, I do believe that this is down to smoking cannabis and that a course would help with that.’…

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