Saturday, February 23, 2019

Jihadi son of imprisoned jihadi imam wants to return to UK, despite having been stripped of citizenship

Hoda MuthanaShamima BegumSafiya Zaynab, Shabina Aslam, and Alireza SabarMohammed Ali; and now Sufyan Mustafa. The establishment media is now embarked upon an all-out campaign to compel Western countries to accept returning Islamic State jihadis. This is just more evidence of how insidious the establishment media really is.
“Abu Hamza’s jihadi son begs to be let back into Britain after fighting in Syria despite being stripped of his British citizenship like ISIS bride Shamima Begum,” by Miranda Aldersley, Mailonline, February 22, 2019:
A son of militant Islamic preacher Abu Hamza who traveled to Syria in 2013 wants to return home and is appealing the decision to revoke his British citizenship.
Sufyan Mustafa, the seventh of Hamza’s nine children, left his family’s West London home to fight in Syria when he was 19.
Although he said he was allied with rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Britain later revoked his citizenship over suspected terrorism links.
Now aged 24, the former computer sciences student reportedly attempted to return home at the end of last year, but was prevented from boarding a flight to Britain from Turkey when his named [sic] appeared on a terror watch list. …
Mustafa, however, had Moroccan nationality through his mother, Najat – the second wife of Abu Hamza.
Hamza, 60, is a former imam of the Finsbury Park mosque whose radical views brought him to the attention of the authorities and saw him expelled from Britain six years ago after a long legal battle.
Hamza was found guilty of terror offences in both the UK and US, where he is serving a life sentence at a high-security prison.
A friend of his 24-year-old son said that Mustafa has been held in detention as niether Turkey nor Britain want to take him in, the Sun reported.
‘But Sufyan does not wish to go to Morocco and is desperate to return here,’ the friend added.
In 2017 Mustafa told reporters: ‘I am in Syria fighting a barbaric regime that killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people just to stay in power. I’m not a terrorist.
‘If they label me as that with no proof then the British Government is doing the same as the Syrian government did to many Syrians.
‘Abu Hamza is my father and he had his own opinions and I have my own opinions. I don’t compare my opinions to his or to anyone elses, because it doesn’t concern me.
‘Revoking my citizenship just because I am related to Abu Hamza is not allowed and will never enter the world of fair trial.’

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