Thursday, March 07, 2019

Muslims tell Muslim cop she is not a “proper Muslim” because she was wearing uniform

This is yet another example of why in many areas of the UK and elsewhere in the West, few Muslims assimilate and adopt Western values. There is enormous pressure from other Muslims to conform to Islamic mores.
“Heroic British Transport Police officer slammed for not being ‘proper Muslim’ – because she wears uniform,” by James Rodger, Birmingham Mail, March 5, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
British Transport Police has revealed how one of its officers was told they were not a “proper Muslim”.
The policewoman was hit by the scathing comment from a “selfie-taking crowd”, according to BTP.
The cop was told she was not a “proper Muslim” because she was wearing the force’s uniform.
In a post, uploaded to the BTP London account last night, the force wrote: “Yesterday one of my officers was accused of not being a ‘proper’ Muslim because she wears the uniform.
“As she helped a man who cut his own throat.
“By a crowd who were taking selfies of the incident.
“I don’t understand how that logic works, but I know I’m very proud of her.”
The incident is believed to have taken place in London.
One Twitter user wrote: “I despair of the society that social media has created were people take selfies of this distressing scenario what’s wrong with you robots well done to the Muslim officer and religion shouldn’t matter when serving the public # keepussafe”…

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