Saturday, August 17, 2019

High Court rules that Islamic State jihadis can be legally stripped of their citizenship

“Removal of British Isil fighters’ citizenship backed in first high court judgement,” by Charles Hymas, Telegraph, August 7, 2019:
British Isil fighters can be legally stripped of their citizenship, the High Court has ruled in the first case of its kind.
Abdullah Islam challenged the decision by former home secretary Amber Rudd to deprive his son, 22-year-old Ashraf Mahmud Islam, of his British nationality.
Mr Islam had wanted is son, who joined Isil aged 18 and is now being held in a Kurdish-run military prison in Syria, brought back to the UK to face justice and to be protected from facing the death penalty.
However, his case was rejected on Wednesday by a High Court judge as having “no merit,” a judgement which could set a precedent for other British Isil fighters and their brides who face or have had their British citizenship…

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