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Predatory paedophile, 22, is jailed for 12 years for forcing himself on schoolgirls, 12 and 15, after contacting girls on 'Tinder for teens' app

  • Dewan Gazi, 22, messaged 95 teenagers on social media app Yubo in 12 days
  • The paedophile had sex five times in one night with a 15-year-old schoolgirl
  • A 12-year-old victim asked: 'What's the oldest person you've done stuff with?' 
  • Gazi was jailed for 12 years and banned from working with children for ten years
Dewan Gazi, 22, messaged 95 teenagers on the social media app Yubo over a period of 12 days after claiming to be 17 years old
Dewan Gazi, 22, messaged 95 teenagers on the social media app Yubo over a period of 12 days after claiming to be 17 years old
A paedophile who used a controversial app dubbed 'The Tinder for teens' to have sex with two schoolgirls has been jailed for 12 years.
Dewan Gazi, 22, messaged 95 teenagers on the social media app Yubo over a period of 12 days after claiming to be 17 years old. 
Gazi had sex five times in one night with a 15-year-old and raped a girl of 12 after the pair chatted through Snapchat, a judge at Manchester Crown Court heard.
The mother of the 12-year-old called the police after walking into her daughter's bedroom to find her dancing while wearing only her underwear with her phone set up in front of her.
The girl had previously told Gazi she was 12 and a virgin before he responded: 'Age is just a number. I've done stuff with a 13 year old girl. What's the oldest person you've ever done stuff with?' 
In a statement to police she said: 'I'm not going to school and have lost my confidence. I keep telling people that I am fine but I am not. 
'When I go outside I feel anxious, feel scared and started to breathe fast. I now talk to myself in my head and I feel I am the only person who understands me.
'I now shout at everyone for no reason. I am disgusted at myself that I didn't stop it and I just let things happen. 
'I feel weak and powerless I felt like this when I was with him and I feel that way now. I don't trust anyone. I feel betrayed and I feel lonely.'
Gazi's 15-year-old victim discovered the predator had taken explicit pictures and video of her during one of their liaisons before sending them to friends.
In her victim impact statement she said she feels its her fault and get angry.
She said: 'I feel it's my fault that I got into a situation with Dewan. If I see someone that looks like him I get angry. I made stuff up to explain the scars on my knuckles. 
'I have more arguments with teachers and have been having counselling. Being in a car that's driving fast reminds me of him and I get tense.'  
Gazi, from Blackley near Middleton, admitted rape, 13 charges of sexual communication with a child, meeting a child after grooming, sexual assault, sexual activity with a child and distributing indecent images.
The alarm was raised in April after the 12-year old girl's mother reported her ordeal. 
Charlotte Crangle prosecuting said: 'She had been downstairs in the family home whilst the daughter was upstairs playing music.
'The mother couldn't make herself heard to the victim and went upstairs to see her dancing in her knickers and lifting her top up to expose her breasts. 
'Her phone was propped up in the bedroom as though she was filming herself doing this. An argument developed and police were contacted. 
'They had begun chatting earlier in the year and she told him her age and that she went to school.
'He said he liked school uniforms and asked her to send photographs in her uniform. 
'Also during these messages he asked her if she was home alone suggesting he came over to her. 
'Subsequently she told police she knew from the outset that he was 22 and thought he had a job as he would dress professionally. 
The pair had a liaison near a primary school and met again when he arrived at her home three times while her mother was out. 
Describing one visit the prosecutor said: 'He was hugging her and asked her to sit on his knee facing him. He squeezed her buttocks over her leggings and commented that it was big and she was amazing. 
'She felt a little uncomfortable but he talked her into it telling her not to be shy and he left about 20 minutes later.'
'They continued to message on Snapchat and met a third time at her house.'
The pair went to the girl's room to watch a film when he 'took her leggings and underwear off and got under the blankets with her.'   
'He hadn't worn any protection. She knew what was going to happen when he got in bed but she said it was weird and she didn't really know what to do,' the prosecutor added.
The 15-year-old was targeted in June. Miss Crangle said: 'She and her friend started to use the app and saw this defendant who said he was 17. 
'She liked the look of him and began exchanging messages - he then asked her to carry on the contact on Snapchat where she told him she was 15.
'On a particular evening he picked her up in his car close to her home address and they went back to his home. 
'His brother asked him for a lift and he told the girl not to tell him what her real age was and to say that she was 17 or 18. 
'He then dropped his brother off and returned straight to his bedroom and took her lower clothing off. She just froze and allowed it to continue.
'She stayed at his house address the whole of that night and they had sex on five occasions with no protection. 
'On one occasion he had his hand around her neck and squeezed it so she was struggling to breath and about to pass out.
'During the course of the night she was aware he was taking photographs of her. 
'She asked him to to stop and tried to take the mobile phone away but he had already sent them to friends. 
'She saw a video that showed her naked breasts which had been sent to another girl. She felt utterly disgusted when she saw the footage.
'She only found out he was 22 after the first time they had sex because he told her. She was angry about putting herself in that situation.
'Later he sent her a message asking to get together again and she made a comment about needing a pregnancy test. 
'He told her to calm down and when she said she was going to get in trouble, he replied with a laughing emoji and said: 'It's alright - no one will find out.'
'He picked her up later and told her he was going to have sex more times than the previous time and she agreed. They had sex on two occasions and she stayed over the night.'
Police arrested Gazi on June 14 and discovered his phone had been used to chat with 95 girls between June 2 and 13. 
Activity prior to that had been deleted. He gave no comment in police interview.
In mitigation defence counsel Michael Goldwater said: 'He is an immature 22 year old and in terms of maturity I would not put him much higher than the average 18 or 19 year old. 
'His sister said he wasn't the sharpest tool in the box and now he will be in prison for a considerable period of time. 
'He is the first to concede that he finds it difficult to understand himself and why he's behaved in this way.' 
Gazi was also banned from working with children for ten years and was ordered to sign the Sex offender Register indefinitely.
Sentencing Judge Michael Leeming told him: 'The difference in ages between you and these girls is ten years and seven years and on any view that is a very significant gulf. 
'You present a high risk of further sexual offending and pose a high risk of causing serious harm. 
'You deny being sexual attracted to children but I cannot and do not accept that. You actions were very wrong and serious and you must pay the price. You have no one to blame but yourself.
Yubo, formerly known as Yellow, is a location-based social networking app where users can connect with new friends by swiping left on a user's profile.
Last January it caused a furore in the US when a 26-year old man was caught having sex with a minor in a car outside a church in the state of Indiana.
The local District Attorney began warning parents of the app, dubbing it the 'Tinder for teens' and advising parents to remove it from their child's phone or other device permanently to avoid encounters with child predators. 

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