Monday, February 10, 2020

Islamic extremist preaching hate to army of followers on YouTube days after Streatham terror attack

A NOTORIOUS jihadist has been preaching hate to an army of followers on YouTube just days after the Streatham terror attack, it can be revealed today.
Shakil Chapra, 46, is an associate of ISIS recruiter Anjem Choudary and featured in the infamous Channel 4 documentary The Jihadis Next Door where he was seen calling for gay people to be thrown from buildings.
 Shakil Chapra has been uploaded terror videos on YouTube
Shakil Chapra has been uploaded terror videos on YouTubeCredit: Counter Extremism
And the Sun Online can today reveal how the firebrand preacher - better known online as Abu Haleema - has been uploading new sermons to his YouTube channel.
In a video posted on Wednesday, just days after the Streatham terror attack he claimed to followers that a passage of the Koran says: "We will strike terror into the hearts of the kuffar [non-Muslims].
"We will strike terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve!"
Two people were stabbed when Sudesh Amman, 20, unleashed a bloody knife rampage in Streatham, South London, last week.
The terrorist had just been released from jail on licence before the attack.
And in the wake of the horror, it can be revealed Chapra is sharing videos and directing his followers to new sermons which are being shown on his channel which is home to 1,710 subscribers.
One speech on there preached hatred towards non-Muslims and was called "You Will Be Replaced, Islam Will Be Superior".
In it, he recounts a story from the Koran about beheading non-believers.
Chapra then claims the Islamic prophet Mohammad ordered Muslims to make the religion "superior over all other deens [religions]".
The video carried a warning from YouTube that the content had been flagged as "inappropriate" by some users.


Chapra is also operating a Facebook account, which he started a week ago that includes many of the videos seen on YouTube.
He opened a Twitter account on 31 December, despite having previous accounts shut down after returning to the platform after a three-year break in May last year.
In the C4 documentary, he was seen sniggering while watching an Islamic State execution video.
It also featured Khuram Butt, who took part in the 2017 London Bridge terrorist attack.
During the film, Chapra said homosexual people should be executed in public.
Asked what the punishment would be, he responded: "Well, one of them is obviously chucking them off high buildings."
The execution method was used by ISIS in Syria and Iraq and filmed for use in propaganda videos.
The suspected ISIS supporter amassed a following of 3,854 people before the account was suspended.
His passport was confiscated in 2014 over fears he may try to leave the country.
In 2015, he was arrested by anti-terrorism police and subsequently released on bail.

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