Thursday, May 21, 2020

“Boris Govt Makes Special Deal to Fly In Migrants from Greece Despite Pandemic,”

“Boris Johnson’s government had reached a special deal with Athens to fly in over 50 migrants from Greece, despite the coronavirus pandemic and the country’s flight ban.” This is in addition to the over 1,000 illegal boat migrants who have arrived in the UK during the coronavirus lockdown, 91 of whom arrived in a single day.
The new migrants from Greece are coming “from Syria, Somalia, and Afghanistan,” all while Greece has sought to protect its own country and fought off the surge of violent migrants after Turkey opened the floodgates.
The UK’s Labour Party not surprisingly was ecstatic over the Johnson government’s move: “I hope it is only a start,” said Lord Dubs, the Labour peer who helped facilitate the flights.” ‘
Johnson continues to disappoint, as he does nothing to stop illegal Muslim migrants from swarming into the UK, despite the ongoing issues of radicalization and jihad threats, rising crime and Muslim rape gangs assaulting British girls.

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