Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pharmacist punched his female assistant in front of horrified shoppers after losing temper over a faulty printer

A pharmacist punched his female assistant in the face in front of horrified shoppers after losing his temper over a faulty printer, a court heard.

Mujahid Narvel, 36, hit Tori Catling in the cheek before trying to strike her again twice times.

The father-of-two lost his temper when he could not get the printer to work in his Asda store in Ipswich.

As he struggled with the device, Ms Catling said that it was not working - so the pharmacist responded by hitting her, the court heard.

Narvel has since been sacked and suspended from practicing as a pharmacist following the incident.

The married father, who suffers from anxiety and stress, admitted assaulting his colleague on January 11.

Yesterday at South East Suffolk magistrates' court he was given a three-month prison sentence, suspended for six months.

 He was also given a three-month supervision order.

Ms Catling said Narvel was temperamental and had mood swings, the judge was told.

Lily Riza, defending, said disciplinary proceedings had taken place and Narvel had lost his job. 

She said he had also been suspended by his professional body.

Miss Riza added: 'The reality is he won't be able to work as a pharmacist again.'
    District Judge David Cooper told Narvel: 'You have wrecked a lot for yourself, for your career, but you are a man of previous good character and you are highly qualified.

    'You have now been told you cannot work (as a pharmacist) for 18 months.

    'My own view is you have punished yourself and don't require a good deal of punishment from the court.'

    Addressing the court, Judge Cooper added: 'He says "I have got quite a fiery temper".

    'He's wrecked a lot for a momentary loss of self-control. He's suffered as a result. Does he need to suffer much more?'

    Summing up the huge impact of Narvel's actions on himself and his family, Judge Cooper said: 'It's a disaster for them.'
    Narvel, of Ipswich, Suffolk, was also ordered to pay £250 compensation to his victim and £85 costs.

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