Thursday, September 03, 2015

Takeaway delivery driver called teen into his home for tea at the end of Ramadan - then raped him, court told

A TAKEAWAY delivery driver from Burnley beckoned a teenage boy into his home for tea at the end of Ramadan then raped him, a court heard.
Forty-six-year-old Jameel Khan denied any knowledge of the sexual assault, alleged to have been carried out at his home on July 30 last year, Burnley Crown Court was told.
  • But a semen sample taken from the boy’s boxer shorts, after he reported the alleged rape to police, was found to be a DNA match for Khan.
Michael Maher, prosecuting, told a jury that the boy had been wandering the streets in the early hours when Khan beckoned him to his home and offered him tea.
Jurors were told Khan then grabbed the boy and pulled him inside.
Mr Maher added: “When he went inside the defendant locked the front door. When asked why he had done that, he said ‘because you’re sleeping here tonight’.”
The teenager, who can not be named for legal reasons, alleged Khan then pushed him onto a sofa and stroked his leg, while the youngster tried to push his hands away.
Mr Maher said Khan is then said to have grabbed the boy and took him upstairs to his bedroom.
The teenager said he was thrown onto the bed and Khan pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and boxer shorts.
He said he told Khan to ‘just do it’, before the older man allegedly sexually assaulted him, as he was scared of being hurt.
Mr Maher said that any evidence of the teenager submitting to sex with Khan, given the circumstances, did not equate to him consenting.
The teenager said that afterwards he managed to go downstairs and find the front door keys.
Mr Maher said that initially the alleged victim told police he had been in the area as he was supposed to be meeting a friend. But he later contacted police again and confessed that he had been with two friends that night and he had also been drinking.
The trial continues.Khan, who denies rape, declined to give any answers when interviewed by police on two separate occasions. He did briefly state that he had seen the boy that night but denied the sexual assault and could not explain the DNA evidence.

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