Ameenur Rasheed, from Leyton, claims Mufti Shah Sadruddin, who is a rector at Al-Ashraaf Secondary School in Ilford, was misquoted in the documentary, Islam’s Non-Believers.
Speaking about a Bangladeshi blogger who was murdered after insulting the Prophet Muhammed, Mr Sadruddin called him a “traitor, shameless person and child of a hypocrite”.
He is also quoted in the documentary that aired on October 13 saying: “Wake up.
“No son of a bastard will remain alive after swearing at my Prophet.”
But Mr Rasheed, who is editor of said Mr Sadruddin made his statement in the Bengali language and it was not translated accurately into English.
The 43-year-old said: “They presented him in a very negative way and that is not right.
“It is a form of vilifying someone.
“He made a statement about retaliating to what is said against the Prophet Muhammed and what he said was that they cannot get away with it.
“These people used very filthy language and of course I feel insulted not just as a Muslim, but as a person.
“My point is that there should be a legal process and public reaction to it.
“The whole documentary is very unfair and it is biased and it is against Islam and Muslims and the Quran.”
Mr Rasheed, who is a member of Islamic Welfare Systems, has started a Facebook campaign to encourage people to report broadcasters they feel are being biased.
A post on the group’s Facebook page says: “ITV Acted Irresponsibly.
“TV, the tax-payer funded enterprise, dared to broadcast a documentary yesterday, 14 October, to demonise the Muslim vocals.
"Although they apparently targeted one Mufti Sadruddin, they appear to vilify the Islaam and Muslim ummah by way of distortion, misinterpretation of the facts."
Mr Rasheed said: “The Muslim community is offended because ITV covered only one side of the story and they didn’t cover the blogger’s filthy language against the Prophet.
“It is outrageous and disturbing and I want the public to be aware of what ITV is doing.
“I want the public to rise up against this kind of abuse and raise their concerns with press authorities.”
Mr Sadruddin ran as a Conservative candidate in the Newham local elections in 2014.
A Conservative spokesman said he was no longer a member of the local party.
The Guardian has contacted Al Ashraaf Secondary School for a comment.