Thursday, June 08, 2017

London’s Muslim mayor shared platform with London jihadi’s friend who trained 7/7 jihad bombers

A spokesman for Sadiq Khan said: ‘This is an old story.'”
Sure, ok. But if Sadiq Khan had shared a platform in 2003 with, say, Pamela Geller or me, he would still be answering for it, and would never have been elected mayor in the first place. That is quite revealing about the state of modern Britain and the West: foes of jihad terror are more toxic than actual jihad terrorists.
“EXCLUSIVE: London Mayor Sadiq Khan shared a platform with Borough Market attacker’s ‘close friend’ who ‘trained one of the 7/7 bombers,'” by Gareth Davies, Mailonline, June 6, 2017:
Sadiq Khan attended a conference with one of the London Bridge murderers’ close friends who is accused of training one of the 7/7 bombers, MailOnline can reveal.
The London Mayor spoke on the same platform as Sajeel Shahid, a militant who is said to have helped to train the ringleader of the July 7 London bomb attacks.
It emerged today Shahid was gym buddies with killer Khuram Butt, who butchered seven people in the deadly rampage on the capital’s streets on Saturday night.
The pair once ran martial arts classes together at the all-Muslim Ummah Fitness gym in east London.
Mr Khan spoke at a 2003 conference alongside Yasser al-Sirri, who had been sentenced to death in Egypt over a political assassination attempt, while another speaker was Sajeel Abu Ibrahim, better known as Sajeel Shahid.
Shahid called for violence against British troops and ran a training camp in Pakistan where known terrorists learned how to make bombs and fire rocket-propelled grenades.
One of his ‘graduates’ was Mohammed Siddique Khan, who led the gang of four suicide bombers on the deadliest terrorist attack ever committed in Britain, killing 52 people on the London Underground and a bus on July 7, 2005.
At the conference, Mr Khan gave a speech about representing a 9/11 conspirator and criticised two anti-terrorism bills for targeting Muslim groups.
The ‘First Captives Conference’ was set up to support terror suspects in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.
It was organised by the Islamic Observation Centre, which was run by al-Sirri.
A spokesman for Sadiq Khan said: ‘This is an old story.
‘At the time of this conference, the Mayor of London was a leading human rights lawyer and chair of Britain’s pre-eminent human rights organisation – he spoke because it was quite literally his job.
‘The Mayor has always condemned the hideous ideology of the extremists – and has suffered death threats and protests from them as a result.
‘Following the horrific attack at London Bridge on Saturday, the Mayor is focused on ensuring our emergency services have the resources they need to keep Londoners safe – and sending a clear message around the world that London will never be cowed by terrorism.’…

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