Friday, June 09, 2017

Security stepped up at Cambridge mosques after early morning “bacon hate crime”

Step back a moment and consider the larger picture. Twenty-two people are dead in Manchester and seven in London at the hands of Islamic jihadists. Meanwhile, the supposedly “anti-extremism” Quilliam Foundation claims that “the threat from far-right groups is as severe as the jihadist threat.”
How many are dead in shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain as a result of “far-right” attacks? Why, none. None at all. Are “far-right” leaders in Britain calling for the destruction of the British state and its replacement with an authoritarian system that denies equality of rights to women and others? Why, no. No. they aren’t. What we really have, in terms of the moral equivalence that the cynical and duplicitous Quilliam is peddling, is this: twenty-nine dead on the one hand, and some bacon at a mosque on the other.
Horror of horrors! Bacon at a mosque! Call the police! The police were duly called. But consider this: if the Muslims in Britain really want to make sure that no more bacon is left at mosques, they can accomplish that very easily, by working against jihadis in their own community, and doing everything they can to make sure that no more jihad attacks happen, instead of constantly whining and playing the victim, and claiming that counterterror efforts are unjustly singling them out. If Muslims in the UK stood up resolutely against jihad terror, acknowledged its roots in Islamic texts and teachings, and honestly worked to root out that understanding of Islam from its community and to cooperate energetically with police against jihadis, no more non-Muslims would be so frustrated by the Muslim community’s duplicity and the government’s supine reaction to terror, and they would no longer do rude things like leave bacon at mosques.

But in the final analysis, that’s all it is: a rude act. And yet police are out in force. Imagine if these police officers were instead diverted to other duties, such as trying to stop the next jihad attack. Then maybe no more blood would be spilled, and no more bacon would be deployed.

Sharia UK: Two arrested over video of Qur’an burning

It will, of course, fail, as will May’s drastically weakened new government, and the entire British political class. The Sharia supremacism they have not only tolerated but encouraged will turn its full force upon its benefactors, and Britain will be awash in blood.

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