Monday, April 16, 2018

Jack Straw on Muslim rape gangs - "Listen, pal: it's Pakistanis, not Asians"

Jack Straw, with MP Lucy Allan and former prosecutor Nazir Afzal are roundly condemnatory of the Muslim grooming gangs revelations on the BBC Daily Politics and all acknowledge the nature of the problem.

Jack Straw is specific about where the problem lies, saying "It's about the culture of Pakistani men.

When I mentioned this in 2011 and said it was a Pakistani problem...some Pakistanis said 'why didn't you say Asians?',

and I said 'listen pal, the reason I didn't say 'Asians' is because I'm not talking about Asians, I'm talking about Pakistanis".

Straw also talks about the Rochdale coverup. MP Lucy Allan points the finger clearly in her comments, saying amongst other things "the grooming gangs are without a doubt of Pakistani heritage in Telford.

It's quite clearly about social and cultural attitudes towards white girls".

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