Sunday, September 09, 2018

Hijab-wearing Muslima screaming “Kill, kill, kill!” stabs one man, tries to stab others in busy town center

“‘Kill, kill, kill!’: Woman wearing a headscarf rampages through town centre with a foot-log kitchen knife and slashes one man and chases others before she is arrested by police,” by Charlie Bayliss, Mailonline, September 8, 2018 
A knife-wielding woman wearing a headscarf chased shoppers through a busy town centre shouting ‘kill, kill, kill’ and ‘I’m not a terrorist’, shocked eyewitnesses have said.
South Yorkshire Police put the town centre on lockdown amid a ‘serious incident’ at around 8.20am this morning.
Police have confirmed a person was arrested after a man was stabbed today, although there has been an ongoing investigation as to whether more people were involved in the attack.
While police have not confirmed whether the gender of the arrested suspect, a number of witnesses said the attacker was an Asian female wearing a headscarf.
She reportedly stabbed one man in the shoulder after chasing him through the town centre. She tried to stab several others, including a window cleaner and market stall holder, before she was arrested in the train station.
Clothing stall owner Abdul Razzaq, 43, saw the woman unbox a brand new knife, which he described as being as long as from his elbow to his fingertips, and through the packaging in a nearby bin.
Mr Razzaq said: ‘She started shouting “kill, kill, kill” and was waving the knife around.
‘Everybody was scared and people scattered.’
Mr Razzaq confronted the woman as she approached him with the knife, where she stood just feet away from him wielding the blade.
He confronted the woman as she approached him with the knife and she stood just a couple of feet away wielding the blade.
‘I told her “don’t touch anybody, hurt, me, kill me, but don’t touch the other people,”‘ said Mr Razzaq.
‘She kept shouting “kill, kill, kill, kill, kill” over and over again. I told her ‘you are a terrorist’ and she said “I’m no terrorist”.’
She pursued a white man up and down a road along a hundred yard stretch.
She tried to stab Mr Razzaq and a window cleaner before she fled the scene,
She then tried to stab a window cleaner and tried to stab him before she fled, as well as other members of the public. She was finally arrested at the train station by police.
Police cordons have been put in place and a number of markers were laid down where there were blood spatters.
Craig Ward, 24, who runs an artificial flowers stall, said: ‘It was frightening, really terrifying seeing a woman running around with a great knife stabbing random people.’
Mr Ward said: ‘All she was shouting was “kill, kill, kill’ and looked frantic,” said Mr Ward….
Police urged members of the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.
What? And risk being branded as “Islamophobic”?

UK cops “keeping an open mind as to motivation” of hijabbed Muslima screaming “Kill! Kill! Kill!” who stabbed man

After declaring Muslima’s stabbing spree not terrorism, cops ask people to report offensive online comments

And now they’re asking people to report “non-crime hate incidents.” It’s very clear now: the South Yorkshire Police, and doubtless other police forces in the UK, are not interested in protecting people from Islamic jihad attacks. As far as they’re concerned, there are no Islamic jihad attacks. The real problem is “Islamophobia,” and the freedom of speech must be extinguished. So it is today in Theresa May’s shabby little police state.

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